Rosalie Marsh


"A rose is a beautiful flower that comes in many shapes and sizes - it grows and develops until it reaches its potential - as do humans.





A rose begins with a small bud that over the coming months, as it is nurtured and watered, swells and grows until it unfurls its petals to lift its face to the sun.

Eventually, as the petals open ever wider, the rose becomes full-blown achieving its potential until the petals drop to the ground and a fruit starts to grow. . .

It is the same with with humans."

Through nurturing, access and opportunity, we too can grow, develop and achieve our potential. Our potential that was there in that little cluster of cells, before we were born, that make us what we are and what we could become.


About Rosalie Marsh and travel adventures


Growing up in Lancashire, Rosalie was a dreamer and late developer but confounded her exasperated teachers, friends, and family by gaining a scholarship to Grammar School.

Following the route of marriage and full-time motherhood, Marsh settled in North Wales with her husband and growing family.

After an early career in banking, she embraced a varied career in sales management and adult education saying, 

 "In the midst of pots and pans I often dreamed of writing when many story lines popped up in my head. My wide range of activities provided me  with a rich seam of material."

As 'born-again' bikers on a Honda Gold Wing motorbike, Marsh and her husband found their lost youth travelling on their own - 'Just Us Two' - in Europe.

Rosalie Marsh - writes on a variety of topics from hilarious biographical travel adventures to more serious stuff based on personal development which she aims to keep light-hearted and user-friendly. She is an award-winning Author; Educator; Blogger; Marketer and Website Editor. 

Take a tour around the site where there are photos of travels and events in Marsh's life. Plus links to articles and book video trailers where you can discover more details about the illustrated biographical  Just Us Two Travel series, travel-based fiction/fantasy ORANGES and the illustrated Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides for the Home Learner.

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