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Oranges ripening in winter sunshine in Spain.

Just Us Two Travel Series.

Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery. 1st Edition 2009 2nd Edition 2012

Chasing Rainbows:with Just Us Two 2011

The Long Leg of Italy:Explore with Just Us Two 2015

Island Interludes: Just Us Two Escape to the Sun 2017


ORANGES: A journey.

  • Rosalie says: " My abiding ethos is that all should have the access and opportunity to develop and achieve their potential as a 'whole' person."
  • "This is the focus of the series of user-friendly workbooks - Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectiveness Guides."

Tags: Travel Writing, CPD, Europe, Motorbikes,.Employability, Public Speaking

  • Later, this award-winning story developed into the Just Us Two series of biographical travel adventures.
  • After saying good-bye to their beloved Gold Wing, the series continues with other adventures in Ireland, France, Spain, Andorra, Italy, and the islands of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.
  • 'Retiring’ to concentrate on writing, she drew on her skills and experiences in travel and adult education.
  • Island Interludes: Just Us Two Escape to the Sun is due for release in 2017.
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From Lifelong Learning video

Lifelong Learning:Personal Effectiveness Guides.

Lifelong Learning: A View from the Coal Face. 2011

Release Your Potential: Making Sense of Personal

and Professional Development. 2011

Skills for Employability Part One: Pre-Employment. 2012

Skills for Employability Part Two: Moving into Employment. 2012

Talking the Talk: Getting the Message Across.2013

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In Ireland. Image from Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery

Rosalie Marsh writes under a pen name and publishes independently with Christal

  • Growing up in Lancashire, Rosalie was a dreamer and late developer but confounded her exasperated teachers, friends, and family by gaining a scholarship to Grammar School.
  • Following the route of marriage and full-time motherhood, she settled in North Wales with her husband and growing family.
  • Rosalie followed a varied career in banking, sales management and adult education.
  • ​Rosalie says: "In the midst of pots and pans' I often dreamed of writing as many story lines popped up in my head. My wide range of activities provided me  with a rich seam of material."

In Nerja, Andalucia, southern Spain.
  • With travels in Portugal and extensively in Andalucia in southern Spain, Rosalie was inspired to write ORANGES: A Journey, a debut fiction story built on a dream.
  • It is the precursor to a longer, more involved saga which has been gestating for many years while other projects have been completed.
Rosalie Marsh

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  • As 'born-again' bikers on a Honda Gold Wing motorbike, Rosalie and her husband found their lost youth travelling on their own - 'Just Us Two' - in Europe.
  • Rosalie continues:  "During our first Gold Wing motorbiking experience in Ireland, finding long-lost family, I found that the words flowed when recording our profound emotional experiences and realised that there was the beginnings of a story." (These notes lay in a drawer for ten years.)
  • Rosalie wrote about their amazing experiences as feature articles, and eventually, after overcoming disaster and changing lives, concluded that together, they formed an inspiring story of adventure and realisation of dreams.

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  • Rosalie's writing evolved through undertaking various development opportunities and academic studies in later life, achieving a BA(Hons) Degree from the Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • Rosalie has also written and collaborated on various learning programmes and marketing projects.