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Skills for Employability Part Two: Moving into Employment

ISBN 978-1-908302-20-5 PB                                                                     ISBN 978-1-908302-29-8 eBook

Part Two: Moving into Employment looks at the standards of behaviour and requirements of employers which include:


An introduction to health and safety in the workplace and Employment    Rights and Responsibilities (ERR).

The business environment - good working relationships.

The importance of good customer service.

Important aspects of managing your money. Healthy living.

  • Progression or 'Where do I go from here?'

Some of the benefits of Skills for Employability include:

Raised esteem and confidence.

An increased awareness of the standards of behaviour and                 requirements of  employers.

An awareness and understanding of the business environment.

Lifelong Learning: Personal Effectivenes Guides

Skills for Employability Part One: Pre-Employment

ISBN 978-1-908302-16-8 PB                                                                                 ISBN 978-1-908302-28-1 eBook

Part One:Pre-Employment looks at those skills for the future which include:


Preparing for work. Job applications and successful interview.

Working effectively in the workplace.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills in the workplace.

Workplace legislation. 

  • Progression or 'Where do I go from here?'

Some of the benefits of Skills for Employability include:

Raised esteem and confidence.

An increased awareness of the standards of behaviour and requirements of employers.

An awareness and understanding of the business environment.​

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  • For Career, Life, and Personal Development​.

  • "A big workshop in a small package!"

  • This series of user-friendly workbooks is aimed at home learners who want to improve their skills in an informal and non-threatening setting. They are also useful as an additional resource for other learning programmes in a more formal setting either in print or eBook formats.
  • They draw from Marsh's extensive skills and industrial experience in sales management and work-based learning in adult and further education programmes. They are designed as a user-friendly support material for learners of all ages with a wide range of abilities.
  • Each book is another step in the personal development journey which is at the heart of Marsh's ethos; that everyone should have the access and opportunity to develop at their optimum potential in whatever way that is throughout life.

Release Your Potential: Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development

ISBN 978-1-908302-08-3 PB                                                                             ISBN 978-1-908302-27-4 eBook

You are having a career change? You are looking to get into employment? Or perhaps you are simply looking to become more effective in your present role but don't know how to go about improving your skills.

If this sounds familiar, Release Your Potential will help you to:

Identify what you know now and what you need to know in order to improve.

Look at how you learn best.

Make best use of your time.

Handle stress.

Plan how you will achieve your goals.

Develop and maintain a Personal and Professional Development Portfolio.​

Lifelong Learning: A View From the Coal Face

ISBN 978-1-908302-04-5 PB                                                                               ISBN 978-1-908302 26-7 eBook

Through literature review and empirical research this book asks 'What is Lifelong Learning' You may also question 'Why Lifelong Learning?

This research paper examines the human perspective. the economic perspective. the official perspective, and other perspectives before looking at other nations v the UK​.

Marsh looks at the wider issues of learning, opportunity, access, and professional and personal development before asking if the success of the then government initiatives is being effectively measured. The results of the semi-structured interviews with a cross-section of mature adults bring surprising results.

Marsh also reflects on the changes and advances in the subsequent ten years post-research, that have become embedded in daily life in order to make learning more accessible.

The user-friendly Skills for Employability workbooks are designed to be read at your own pace.

They focus on some of the skills needed in order to impress an employer, stand out from the rest, become employed and enhance your future.

Talking the Talk: Getting the Message Across

ISBN 978-1-908302-35-9 PB                                                             ISBN 978-1-908302 30-4 eBook

  • Some of us are frequently in situations where we have to give a talk or presentation. For some, in contrast, their first time is looming frighteningly close.

Talking the Talk looks at the skills and knowledge that you need to:

Prepare well. 

Become confident and overcome nerves.

Communicate effectively.

Understand the basic principles behind effectively 'getting your message' across to your audience.

Deliver an interesting talk or presentation that will be remembered for the right reasons.