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 Rosalie Marsh

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​​First Edition of Just Us Two

with a genuine International Book Awards, Winner Seal

A limited number of this first edition with 'Winner' award seal are available at £7.50 with FREE Delivery

​​For signed copies                                                                                     

after your purchase and state your dedication message.

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Author Note.This First Edition is no longer widely available to purchase. Only brand new copies with the genuine award seal are available here..

Just Us Two 1st Edition with award seal.
Winner Award Seal. Gold background.

All titles are available worldwide in print from your local bookseller or favourite online retailer and eBook formats for most reading devices. Also available direct from Christal Publishing for delivery in the UK in the UK.

  • On the following pages you will find details of the Just Us Two Travel series which span many years of travel by motorbike and other modes of transport. The first edition of Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery was Winner 2010 International Book Awards and Finalist in the USA Book News 2009 Best Books Award  (Travel: Recreational category).
  • Marsh's debut fiction ORANGES: A Journey takes you into the future. It is set in the central west hills above the  Lisbon area before moving to the  the coast and mountains of the interior of Andalucia in southern Spain.
  • The Lifelong Learning series of user-friendly workbooks are based on Marsh's previous work in adult education. 
  • They cover research, career, employability skills and life development with  Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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