A flavour of Rosalie's travels.

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Some events in Rosalie's Life.

 National and local radio, local events, and book launch.


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Charity Fundraising.

With Ian, a fellow member of the Lancs and Lakes region of G.W.O.C.G.B, raising funds for Dreamflight. Flying off a mountain at Bethesda, North Wales.Supported by Gold Wing friends from Lancs and Lakes and Centre Wings on the day.

Many members of GWOCGB also gave generously. 

On this page are a selection of photographs and videos of Rosalie Marsh's varied events and travels throughout the years. Charity fundraising is a part of being a member of the Gold Wing Owners Club of Great Britain and the Lancs and Lakes region. 'Ned and Rosie' became members when they bought their Honda Gold Wing touring motorbike and set off to explore - 'Just Us Two'. It is from this that her writing career started.

A video compilation of photos and 'head cam' film.
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 Rosalie Marsh

Zip World short video of Rosalie's flight.