ORANGES: A Journey.

                                 "Look out for this author, she is a rising talent. Read her other book on two older folks travelling on a  motorbike                                      so she is one to watch.5.0 out of 5 stars lovely" Haydn Jones 24.04.2013 Amazon UK

  •                                 "Wonderful story that takes the reader to the heart of the place that Rosalie Marsh loves so much.                                                           Deserving of the five stars. Look forward to more fiction from this author. Well worth reading."                                                                   2 April  2013 Amazon.
  • "I have just finished reading the sample chapters of "Oranges", which I thought was brilliant.You successfully weave the inner life of your heroine with the outside world, which cannot be easy to do. I look forward to reading the full version." 21.04.2013 Amazon Kindle reader.
  • "The setting is superb."
  • "Read this book in one day on the beach. Fantastic story and even better as I had been everywhere that was mentioned." By G. McHarg on 1 July 2013 Kindle.
Talking the Talk.

(Communication in the Workplace.)
  • "It's a well written book pointing out all the key parts of a presentation of how to create a successful content in order to engage your audiences."  Marthese Morris on LinkedIn 21.10.2014 

Skills for Employability Part One.

 Skills support  By Mr B on 22 Sept. 2015

  • "Good planning sections to help understanding your skills and also limitations."

 Release Your Potential.

"Great to get all University books here."

  • By Phil on 12 Mar. 2015 Amazon.

 On Rosalie Marsh.

"A highly effective trainer, coach, and assessor who strives for excellence in everything she does. Her knowledge of work-based learning and adult education is outstanding and she offers good support to those she teaches and mentors, particularly through drawing on her own personal experience as an adult learner."

  • Andrew Ellams, MD Ellams Associates Ltd.

"An inspirational individual and dedicated professional who gives and shares only her best. She's been very thoughtful and creative in her visionary approach to support the education sector, strengthen stakeholder relationships and guiding individuals to achieve their aspirations and goals."

  • Prabhjit Kaur—PGCE(FE,) CMgr MCMI,  AssocCIPD,  MBA(Open) PGCE(FE).

"A detailed and passionate professional. 

  • Joanna Kinch. Ebenezer Properties.

The Long Leg of Italy.

​                               "It's an enjoyable, engaging and beautifully observed record of                                 a journey spanning the length of this diverse and undeniably                                     lovely country." ALAN BISSELL on 5 Nov. 2015  



"An Entertaining and Informative Exploration of Italy.

The Long Leg of Italy is an excellent account of a couples' experience traveling through Italy. . . .  

  • The Long Leg of Italy is a part of  the Just Us Two travel series, and once you have read it, you are sure to want to check out the others!       Overall this is an outstanding book for anyone that enjoys travel. By Jamie Cawley  Australia. on Amazon                      
  • "As though chatting over the day’s adventures over a cosy cup of coffee with an excellent raconteur friend.
    There are travel writers and then there is that special breed – writers who travel. Travel writers fulfil a very important information sharing role but it is the writers that travel who make you yearn to follow in their footsteps. With a Michelin Green Guide to Italy in one hand and Rosalie Marsh’s book in the other, any travellers, but particularly seniors, will need nothing else!"  
  • Rosalie’s charming and often irreverent comments not only inform but resonate and amuse. ‘Himself’ with his laconic asides just adds to the delightful mix! 5 stars." By Judith Sharman Amazon.US                                                                                                                                      

 "A thoroughly enjoyable and well-observed read . . .about a holiday with a difference . . .undertaken by a larger than life, couple of "young at heart" bikers".       Alan Bissell May 13th  2016 


What People Say - Reviews

Island Interludes

“The author’s professional approach strikes again.”
A.J. Portugal. 08.2017​

Image of the jacket front of Just Us Two 2nd Edition. Showing the couole with their motorbike
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Rosalie Marsh

Just Us Two.

  •                             "A good read, it sometimes felt that you were actually  there with them. A 'light' book and very easy to read.                                                     Inspiration for us all to motorcycle touring  overseas." Editor. Motorbike Search Engine  June 8th, 2009 10:12 pm
  • "                           This new book by Rosalie Marsh is a heartwarming tale of two Born-Again Bikers and their adventures on their Gold                                     Wing bike and then trike. It is a great read that will make you smile and nod your head in appreciation and might even                                    inspire you to get out there and do a bit of travelling yourself!"                                                                                                                            Editor. Trike Magazine Issue 04 09  May 26th, 2010 10:57 am

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Image of the jacket front. Island Interludes.. Looking down to the coast and the sea
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Chasing Rainbows.

                          "Another great book by Rosalie Marsh that should not be                                     missed. Most enjoyable mystery tour that anyone could take                               from the comfort of their sofas. 
                           The flow of words employed to narrate it, is in itself most                                     refreshing making this tour a relaxing adventure not to be                                   missed. A  family book that should appeal to everyone."
                      ​               Joseph Abela. Author.

  • "This well written book is both funny and informative. As a map lover myself I found the map versus sat. nav. theme running throughout the book very amusing. For anyonyone planning on undertaking such a journey, it is an excellent travelogue with plenty of useful tips. For those who weren't thinking of venturing down that road, I guarantee that by the end of the book, you will be yearning to do so. A great follow up to Just Us Two." Amazon reader. 

“This author is worthy of your consideration; she is an entertaining and informed writer.” Dr.Graham Lawler.